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Terms and Conditions, 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd


Please read our terms of business


This document sets out the basis on which 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd will provide (Company) Systems, Training, Guidance and Advice for Health & Safety and Food Safety.


Period of Engagement.

This agreement will start on receipt of a signed copy of these terms of business and will continue until further notice. Either party may terminate this agreement by writing to the other party by giving 30 days notice (or whatever is best for you), establishing a finishing date. Any outstanding fees must be settled at the point of notice of termination. Failure to settle fees by the finishing date agreed will result in surcharges amounting to 10% of the amount outstanding per calendar week/month.

All Fees will be reviewed on annual basis and agreement to any changes will be sought before implementation. Fee changes will not be linked to any government announced rates of growth, standard interest rates or any other officially issued rates.



Where possible a fee will be agreed for particular matters otherwise the hourly charge rate will £38 per hour plus VAT. An initial estimate will be provided of the likely time and cost required for completing your instructions. In the event that the original estimate does not cover any additional instructions, actions, training or other services covered by the initial contract, additional costs will be presented in accordance with our standard charges in consultation with the client and before any additional work commences. Thus providing a flexible approach to contract developments based on client requirements or to accommodate unanticipated extensions to the services of an existing contract as required by the client.


The list of instructions may cover:


  • Meeting with  the client company’s representative and any other colleagues / customers or relevant persons associated with the contract in place at the time of the agreed meeting.
  • Correspondence such as letters and emails to licensing authorities, standards bodies or other relevant professional organisations.
  • Preparing courses specific to the requirements of a current contract or project.
  • Briefing client company staff as required within agreed time-scales and working hours.
  • Liaising with third party on your behalf e.g. Safecontractor but excluding any representation to any official organisations or professional bodies outside the scope and context of the contract in place.
  • Attending site for training and audits at times agreed as reasonable within the requirements of the client and the contract in place.
  • Support with official documents such as improvement notices.
  • Travel mileage will be charged at 50p per mile to and from your office or any other location required by the client within the United Kingdom.
  • VAT at the current rate at the time of this agreement will be applied with interim or future billing subject to the VAT rate applicable at the time of issue.




We will invoice you on completion of work agreed. All bills will be due for payment within 20 working days of the date of invoice.

Additional interest will be applied to overdue invoices at the rate of 5% per week/month until such times as full payment is received. 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd has a payment pursuit policy and failure to pay invoices will result in legal action in every case unless reasonable steps have been taken by the client to correspond and advise the company of the reasons behind non-payment or to arrange an acceptable repayment schedule.


Client Care

We are committed to efficient and professional service to you whilst recognising the need to balance work to be done against cost. We rely on the information and instructions from the client and any authorised personnel in relation to the contract to provide clear, concise and specific information and instruction in order to deliver the required level of services and to fulfil the objectives of the contract and to maximise the value you get from us.



We will keep all confidential information and dealings with every client secure and will not share with any other persons or businesses without your written consent unless we are legally compelled to disclose.

1-2Call Worksafe Ltd is fully compliant with all terms and regulations associated with UK Data Protection Acts.


Data Protection

We will only use the information you disclosed to us for the use of business between you and 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd. We obliged by the Data Protection Act to keep you details under strict conditions of security and confidentiality. No documentation, contact details, contract information, tendering information or any other form of commercially sensitive information will be shared with any third party without the express and written permission of the client. All documents will be held securely whether they are electronic or printed, noted or the result of an SMS message. We may from time to time contact you by mail, telephone or email to provide information that may be of interest or use to you.


Limitation of Liability

Whilst our services are produced in good faith on the basis of relevant information available up to the date of completion it is not possible to guarantee that our advice will prevent legal action. 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd does not seek to suggest, offer or provide legal advice, legal protection or guarantee of outcome in the event of legal challenge to any issue associated with the client company or any contract which is current or concluded at an earlier juncture.



Intellectual property rights of all work shall remain vested in 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd. This shall include all copyright associated with presentation and training materials, all contract related reports and any contract related manuals of any description. Materials provided may not be redistributed or copied, or used for sale, to any company, group or individual outside the client company. Copies will be made available if required at reasonable reproduction prices if a request is received in writing initially by the client company who commissioned the work, should that company wish to share information or material with an associate company.

All information in any form is prohibited from being supplied to any commercial competitor or commentator within the industry 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd operates within.



1-2Call Worksafe Ltd reserves the right to use information resulting from any contract to promote its services. However, specific commercial details and the identification of client companies will not take place without the written permission of the signatory to any former or existing contract.

1-2Call Worksafe Ltd reserves its rights to the use of any contract information or outcomes in the promotion of a client company. However, agreement will be given if publicity material content is provided to 1-2Call Worksafe Ltd prior to any printing, publication or broadcast takes place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the terms of business.


When you have read this document please sign and return to:


1-2Call Worksafe Ltd

Unit 11, Enterprise Way

Hardwick Narrows Industrial Estate

Kings Lynn, PE30 3AU




Yours Sincerely


Martin Langford


1-2Call Worksafe Ltd

Company Director


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Our mission is: To develop systems, procedures and policies for individuals and businesses allowing health, safety and welfare to become an integral part of running a modern successful business.


To develop an awareness of the relationship between health, safety and welfare that will encourage the inclusion of health, safety and welfare as an intrinsic element of your company's working practice.


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