Health and Safety Systems


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Health and Safety Systems


Health & Safety systems bespoke to your business or industry.


1-2Call Worksafe offer Health & Safety systems bespoke to your business or industry. Working with you we create a system that supports and gives direction in an easy to use reference folder which will include Policies, procedures and Guidance in concise, easy to use format.


Getting hurt at work or becoming ill through work is not a pleasant subject to think about. The reality is that 142 people lost their lives at work in 2013/2014. In addition 78,000 reportable injuries defined as RIDDOR were reported.


Did you know? 28.2 million days were lost overall, on average 16 days per case, 23.5 million days due to work-related ill health and 4.2 million due to workplace injury.


To get the most out of your employees, they need to be sure that you care for their well-being. We realise that assessing your employees Health & Safety needs takes time... so why not let 1-2Call Worksafe ease the strain?


We are sure you are aware the responsibility of a company and the individuals within the company are laid down in an Act of Parliament called the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and the many regulations that relate to this.


1-2Call Worksafe will be your point of expertise on these matters making sure that you comply and are putting into action the words that are quoted by Health and Safety Legislation as far as is reasonably practicable.


These are the services we can offer:


  • 24 7 Advice Helpline
  • Audit of health & safety systems and procedures
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • The organisation and delivery of training
  • Any bespoke requirements for your company
  • Health & Safety policy, procedures and legislation updates
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Flexibility to help support as required
  • Creation of site files to be allocated to each job
  • Administration Support

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Mission Statement


Our mission is: To develop systems, procedures and policies for individuals and businesses allowing health, safety and welfare to become an integral part of running a modern successful business.


To develop an awareness of the relationship between health, safety and welfare that will encourage the inclusion of health, safety and welfare as an intrinsic element of your company's working practice.


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