Health and Safety Audits and Inspection


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Health and Safety Audits and Inspection


If you are under assumption that audit and inspection are the same thing then we can help establish the definitions and procedures for each.


Health and Safety legislation require all employers to provide healthy and safe conditions for employees to work under. A health and safety audit will establish the health and safety status of your organisation.


Health & Safety Audits


1-2Call Worksafe can offer your company an audit to determine whether your organisation complies with the legal and moral responsibilities of running a modern business.


Health and Safety Inspection


The frequency of inspections will depend on the nature of the work. Inspections may be less often, for example:


An office environment with typical office hazards, such as working with IT, constant phone calls, slips, trips and falls, moving boxes and files the work environment is considered to be low to medium risk.


There are certain environments in a workplace which have specific activities that are considered to have a higher risk that require more frequent inspections, for example on a construction project.


1-2Call Worksafe will undertake inspections for your company, completing a report that highlights immediate and time scaled actions that will help make the work environment safer.


We advise the best method is to get your team to undertake the inspection, we can train them so you see the immediate effect this has on your workplace.


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Mission Statement


Our mission is: To develop systems, procedures and policies for individuals and businesses allowing health, safety and welfare to become an integral part of running a modern successful business.


To develop an awareness of the relationship between health, safety and welfare that will encourage the inclusion of health, safety and welfare as an intrinsic element of your company's working practice.


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