Face Fit Testing


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Face Fit Testing


Tests face mask is tight fitting and achieves a good contact between skin and face seal of the mask.


Many dangerous substances exist as a fine dust or fume, or as a gas or vapour which you can’t see in the air. (Think about the oxygen we breathe – we can’t see it.) An estimated 12,000 people die each year in the UK from long-term exposure to substances that you can breathe in at work. If wearing a mask is the method your employer has chosen to protect your health, it is important that you are involved in selecting the mask you are going to wear.


  • Your employer has to protect your health and needs to inform you of the hazards you may be exposed to at work.
  • Your employer needs to work with you to reduce the risks to you from potential exposures to these dangerous substances.


It may be that a risk assessment indicates that only a few minutes’ exposure to a substance in the air could harm your health, whether now or later.


1-2 Call Worksafe will carry out a face fit test to test your individual face mask is tight fitting and achieves a good contact between the wearer’s skin and face seal of the mask.


The HSE has certain guidelines with regards to protecting your employees against hazards, and a Face Fit Test can help you towards meeting these guidelines.

Cost of Test:

£30 + VAT per individual


Supply Sundstrom SR100 Reusable half face mask (with FFP3 Filter and carry case).

£35 + VAT

Price of Test + Supply of Mask:

£55 + VAT per individual

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